GNU ELPA Packages

ack1.3Interface to ack-like source code search tools
ada-mode5.1.5major-mode for editing Ada sources
adaptive-wrap0.5Smart line-wrapping with wrap-prefix
adjust-parens3.0Indent and dedent Lisp code, automatically adjust close parens
all1.0Edit all lines matching a given regexp
ascii-art-to-unicode1.9a small artist adjunct
auctex11.87.7Integrated environment for *TeX*
aumix-mode7run the aumix program in a buffer
caps-lock1.0Caps-lock as a minor mode
chess2.0.4Play chess in GNU Emacs
cl-lib0.5Properly prefixed CL functions and macros
coffee-mode0.4.1.1Major mode for CoffeeScript files
company0.8.5Modular text completion framework
crisp1.3.4CRiSP/Brief Emacs emulator
csv-mode1.2Major mode for editing comma/char separated values
debbugs0.6SOAP library to access debbugs servers
dict-tree0.12.8Dictionary data structure
diff-hl1.6.0Highlight uncommitted changes
dismal1.5Dis Mode Ain't Lotus: Spreadsheet program Emacs
djvu0.5Edit and view Djvu files via djvused
docbook0.1Info-like viewer for DocBook
easy-kill0.9.3kill & mark things easily
ediprolog1.0Emacs Does Interactive Prolog
eldoc-eval0.1Enable eldoc support when minibuffer is in use.
electric-spacing5.0Insert operators with surrounding spaces smartly
enwc1.0The Emacs Network Client
epoch-view0.0.1Minor mode to visualize epoch timestamps
ergoemacs-mode5.14.7.3Emacs mode based on common modern interface and ergonomics.
f90-interface-browser1.1Parse and browse f90 interfaces
flylisp0.2Color unbalanced parentheses and parentheses inconsistent with indentation
ggtags0.8.6emacs frontend to GNU Global source code tagging system
gnugo3.0.0play GNU Go in a buffer
heap0.3Heap (a.k.a. priority queue) data structure
ioccur2.4Incremental occur
javaimp0.4Add and reorder Java import statements in Maven projects
jgraph-mode1.0Major mode for Jgraph files
js2-mode20140114Improved JavaScript editing mode
jumpc3.0jump to previous insertion points
lex1.1Lexical analyser construction
lmc1.3Little Man Computer in Elisp
load-dir0.0.3Load all Emacs Lisp files in a given directory
markchars0.2.0Mark chars fitting certain characteristics
memory-usage0.2Analyze the memory usage of Emacs in various ways
metar0.1Retrieve and decode METAR weather information
minimap1.2Sidebar showing a "mini-map" of a buffer
muse3.20Authoring and publishing tool for Emacs
nhexl-mode0.1Minor mode to edit files via hex-dump format
nlinum1.5Show line numbers in the margin
notes-mode1.30Indexing system for on-line note-taking
num3-mode1.2highlight groups of digits in long numbers
oauth20.10OAuth 2.0 Authorization Protocol
omn-mode1.0Support for OWL Manchester Notation
org20140915Outline-based notes management and organizer
osc0.1Open Sound Control protocol library
poker0.1Texas hold'em poker
quarter-plane0.1Minor mode for quarter-plane style editing
queue0.1.1Queue data structure
rainbow-mode0.10Colorize color names in buffers
register-list0.1Interactively list/edit registers
rudel0.3A collaborative editing framework for Emacs
shen-mode0.1A major mode for editing shen source code
sisu-mode3.0.3Major mode for SiSU markup text
sml-mode6.5Major mode for editing (Standard) ML
sokoban1.4Implementation of Sokoban for Emacs.
svg-clock0.5Analog clock using Scalable Vector Graphics
tNFA0.1.1Tagged non-deterministic finite-state automata
temp-buffer-browse1.2temp buffer browse mode
trie0.2.6Trie data structure
undo-tree0.6.5Treat undo history as a tree
uni-confusables0.1Unicode confusables table
vlf1.5View Large Files
w34.0.49Fully customizable, largely undocumented web browser for Emacs
wcheck-mode2014.6.21General interface for text checkers
web-server0.1.1Emacs Web Server
websocket1.3Emacs WebSocket client and server
windresize0.1Resize windows interactively
wisi1.0.5Utilities for implementing an indentation/navigation engine using a generalized LALR parser
wpuzzle1.1find as many word in a given time
xclip1.3use xclip to copy&paste
xpm1.0.3edit XPM images
yasnippet0.8.0Yet another snippet extension for Emacs.