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Extensible Dependencies 'N' Actions
org-edna-1.0beta6.tar, 2018-Feb-08, 300kB
Ian Dunn <>
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To install this package, run in Emacs:

M-x package-install RET org-edna RET

Full description

Edna provides an extensible means of specifying conditions which must be
fulfilled before a task can be completed and actions to take once it is.

Org Edna runs when either the BLOCKER or TRIGGER properties are set on a
heading, and when it is changing from a TODO state to a DONE state.

Old versions

org-edna-1.0beta5.tar2018-Feb-04 290kB
org-edna-1.0beta4.tar2017-Dec-28 280kB
org-edna-1.0beta3.tar2017-Dec-23 280kB
org-edna-1.0beta2.tar2017-Dec-18 250kB
org-edna-1.0alpha1.tar2017-May-29 120kB