GNU ELPA - load-dir


Load all Emacs Lisp files in a given directory
load-dir-0.0.5.el, 2017-Mar-20, 6.78 KiB
Teodor Zlatanov <>
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To install this package, run in Emacs:

M-x package-install RET load-dir RET

Full description

This package provides a way to load all Emacs Lisp snippets (they
don't have to be libraries) in a directory on startup or when Emacs is
already running.  It won't reload snippets unless the user requests
it, so for instance adding a lambda to a hook is usually safe.

You can specify ~/.emacs.d/load.d, a single directory, or a list of
directories.  The file search can be recursive.  See the
customizable variable `load-dirs' for details.

The intent of ~/.emacs.d/load.d is to give package installers like
el-get.el (see and other tools a
way to easily bootstrap themselves without necessarily modifying
your .emacs or custom files directly.

Old versions

load-dir-0.0.4.el2017-Mar-146.15 KiB
load-dir-0.0.3.el2012-Nov-295.60 KiB