GNU ELPA - seq


Sequence manipulation functions
seq-2.20.tar, 2017-May-04, 70.0 KiB
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To install this package, run in Emacs:

M-x package-install RET seq RET

Full description

Sequence-manipulation functions that complement basic functions
provided by subr.el.

All functions are prefixed with "seq-".

All provided functions work on lists, strings and vectors.

Functions taking a predicate or iterating over a sequence using a
function as argument take the function as their first argument and
the sequence as their second argument.  All other functions take
the sequence as their first argument.

Old versions

seq-2.19.tar2016-Oct-2870.0 KiB
seq-2.16.tar2016-Jun-1260.0 KiB
seq-2.15.tar2016-Mar-3160.0 KiB
seq-2.14.tar2016-Mar-2960.0 KiB
seq-2.13.tar2016-Mar-2660.0 KiB
seq-1.11.el2015-Oct-2018.8 KiB
seq-1.9.el2015-Sep-1918.3 KiB
seq-1.8.el2015-Jul-1017.6 KiB
seq-1.7.el2015-May-1617.1 KiB
seq-1.5.el2015-Apr-2813.6 KiB
seq-1.4.el2015-Apr-1513.5 KiB
seq-1.3.el2015-Mar-1012.0 KiB
seq-1.2.el2015-Feb-1211.8 KiB
seq-1.1.1.el2015-Feb-1011.1 KiB
seq-1.1.el2015-Feb-0710.9 KiB
seq-1.0.el2015-Jan-159.12 KiB