GNU ELPA - ebdb-i18n-chn


China-specific internationalization support for EBDB
ebdb-i18n-chn-1.3.el, 2019-Aug-17, 10.2 KiB
Eric Abrahamsen <>
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To install this package, run in Emacs:

M-x package-install RET ebdb-i18n-chn RET

Full description

Bits of code for making EBDB nicer to use with China-based
contacts, both for handling Chinese characters, and for formatting
of phones and addresses.  Be aware that using this library will
incur a non-neglible slowdown at load time.  It shouldn't have any
real impact on search and completion times.

Generic methods don't play nice with autoloads: you'll need to
require this package after installing it.

Old versions

ebdb-i18n-chn-1.2.el2017-Sep-279.77 KiB
ebdb-i18n-chn-1.1.el2017-Sep-038.77 KiB
ebdb-i18n-chn-1.0.1.el2017-Aug-168.40 KiB
ebdb-i18n-chn-1.el2017-Aug-167.97 KiB