GNU ELPA - engrave-faces


Convert font-lock faces to other formats
engrave-faces-0.2.0.tar, 2021-Sep-05, 80.0 KiB
TEC <>
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To install this package, run in Emacs:

M-x package-install RET engrave-faces RET

Full description

#+title: Engrave Faces
#+author: tecosaur

There are some great packages for Exporting buffers to particular formats, but
each one seems to reinvent the core mechanism of processing the font-lock in a
buffer such that it can be exported to a particular format.

This package aims to produce a versatile generic core which can process a
fortified buffer and elegantly pass the data to any number of backends which can
deal with specific output formats.

This is very much a work in progress, a rough plan can be seen below.
I fully expect some important items to have been forgotten.

*Font lock processing*
- [X] Single faces
- [X] Merge multiple faces
- [ ] Process overlays

*Included backends*
- [X] LaTeX
- [X] HTML
- [X] ANSI