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Predictive Abbreviation Completion and Expansion using Dictionaries
paced-1.1.3.tar, 2018-Feb-19, 200 KiB
Ian Dunn <>
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To install this package, run in Emacs:

M-x package-install RET paced RET

Full description

Paced (Predictive Abbreviation Completion and Expansion using Dictionaries)
scans a group of files (determined by "population commands") to construct a
usage table (dictionary).  Words (or symbols) are sorted by their usage, and
may be later presented to the user for completion.  A dictionary can then be
saved to a file, to be loaded later.

Population commands determine how a dictionary should be filled with words or
symbols.  A dictionary may have multiple population commands, and population
may be performed asynchronously.  Once population is finished, the contents
are sorted, with more commonly used words at the front.  Dictionaries may be
edited through EIEIO's customize-object interface.

Completion is done through `completion-at-point'.  The dictionary to use for
completion can be customized.

Old versions

paced-1.1.2.tar2018-Feb-07 190 KiB
paced-1.1.1.tar2018-Feb-06 190 KiB
paced-1.1.tar2018-Feb-04 190 KiB
paced-1.0.1.tar2018-Jan-24 170 KiB
paced-1.0.tar2017-Dec-11 170 KiB