GNU ELPA - sisu-mode


Major mode for SiSU markup text
sisu-mode-7.1.8.el, 2016-Feb-24, 15.9 KiB
Ralph Amissah <>
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To install this package, run in Emacs:

M-x package-install RET sisu-mode RET

Full description

SiSU ( is a document structuring and
publishing framework.  This package provides an Emacs major mode
for SiSU markup.

When this package is installed, files ending in ".sisu" are
automatically associated with sisu-mode.  If a file doesn't have a
.sisu extension, add a first line:
# -*- Sisu -*-

The documentation for the "Structure Of The Hierarchy Text" can be
found in the sisustring for the sisu-mode function.

Old versions

sisu-mode-3.0.3.el2012-Nov-2911.1 KiB