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Sort and browse disk usage listings
disk-usage-1.3.3.el, 2019-Apr-22, 33.1 KiB
Pierre Neidhardt <>
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To install this package, run in Emacs:

M-x package-install RET disk-usage RET

Full description

Warning: BSD and macOS users need `gdu`, the "GNU du" from the "GNU

Disk Usage is a file system analyzer: it offers a tabulated view of file
listings sorted by size.  Directory sizes are computed recursively.  The results
are cached for speed.

Run `disk-usage' or `disk-usage-here' to display a listing.
See `describe-mode' for additional bindings, such as
`disk-usage-dired-at-point' to open a `dired' buffer for the current

Instead of displaying only the current folder, `disk-usage' can also display
files in all subfolders recursively with `disk-usage-toggle-recursive'.

Marked files can be trashed with `disk-usage-delete-marked-files'.  When
called with a prefix argument, files are deleted permanently.

Run `disk-usage-by-types' to display statistics of disk usage by file

With a prefix argument, cache is updated when reverting the buffer.

With `disk-usage-add-filters' you can filter out files with arbitrary
predicates, e.g. files bigger than some size or older than a certain number
of days.

You can customize options in the 'disk-usage group.

Old versions

disk-usage-1.3.1.el2019-Mar-2632.9 KiB
disk-usage-1.3.0.el2019-Mar-0432.7 KiB
disk-usage-1.2.0.el2019-Feb-2631.3 KiB
disk-usage-1.1.0.el2019-Feb-1924.3 KiB