GNU ELPA - sokoban


Implementation of Sokoban for Emacs.
sokoban-1.4.tar, 2014-Jan-25, 60.0kB
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To install this package, run in Emacs:

M-x package-install RET sokoban RET

Full description

Modified: 1998-01-09, conditionalised use of locate-data-directory
Modified: 1998-01-27, added mouse interface code
  (provided by Sean MacLennan <>
Modified: 1998-02-06, fixed bug, where sokoban-done wasn't reset to
  zero in sokoban-restart-level
Modified: 1998-02-27, patches from Hrvoje Niksic
  added bounds check to sokoban-goto-level
  added popup menu
  display level and score in modeline
Modified: 1998-06-04, added `undo' feature
  added number of blocks done/total to score and modeline
Modified: 2003-06-14, update email address, remove URL

Tested with XEmacs 20.3/4/5 and Emacs 19.34

The game is based upon XSokoban, by
Michael Bischoff <>

The levels and some of the pixmaps were
taken directly from XSokoban

Old versions