GNU ELPA - minimap


Sidebar showing a "mini-map" of a buffer
minimap-1.4.tar (.sig), 2024-Mar-31, 40.0 KiB
David Engster <>
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Full description

This file is an implementation of a minimap sidebar, i.e., a
smaller display of the current buffer on the left side.  It
highlights the currently shown region and updates its position
automatically.  You can navigate in the minibar by dragging the
active region with the mouse, which will scroll the corresponding
edit buffer.  Additionally, you can overlay information from the
tags gathered by CEDET's semantic analyzer.

Simply use M-x minimap-mode to toggle activation of the minimap.
Use 'M-x customize-group RET minimap RET' to adapt minimap to your

Old versions

minimap-1.3.el.lz2020-May-099.16 KiB
minimap-1.2.el.lz2014-Mar-128.13 KiB
minimap-1.1.el.lz2014-Feb-257.62 KiB
minimap-1.0.el.lz2012-Nov-296.19 KiB


Changes since v1.2:

- New option: minimap-hide-cursor (active by default)
- New option: minimap-disable-mode-line (active by default)
- Make current line highlighting face configurable, change to dark gray.
- New default behavior for minimap-automatically-delete-window:
  keep minimap window as long as buffer is visible. Change variable
  to 't' to get old behavior.
- Bug fixes

Changes since v1.1:

- Change some defaults: better colors, reduced update delay.
- `minimap-tag-only': New experimental feature to only display an
  'abstract view' of the buffer with overlays generated from
  Semantic information.  Works only for buffers parsed by Semantic.
- `minimap-highlight-line': Highlight current line in Minimap.
- Fix autoloads.
- Display lines denoting beginning/end of functions in Semantic

Changes since v1.0:

- Largely rewritten as a minor mode; use M-x minimap-mode to
- Minimap will now remain active for all buffers which derive from
  `prog-mode' (can be changed through `minimap-major-modes').  The
  minimap window will be automatically created or deleted (see new
  variables `minimap-recreate-window' and
- Possibility to set a minimum width of the minimap window
- Minimap window will be marked so that you should not be able to
  enter it.
- Semantic overlays will be automatically updated during editing.
- Lots of bug fixes.

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