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Glue code between Gnus, Org, and BBDB
gnorb-1.1.2.tar, 2016-Jan-06, 200kB
Eric Abrahamsen <>
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To install this package, run in Emacs:

M-x package-install RET gnorb RET

Full description

* Gnorb

Glue code between the Gnus, Org, and BBDB packages for Emacs.

This package connects Emacs-based email, project management, and
contact management a little more closely together. The goal is to
reduce friction when manipulating TODOs, contacts, messages, and

Probably the most interesting thing Gnorb does is tracking
correspondences between Gnus email messages and Org headings. Rather
than "turning your inbox into a TODO list", as some software puts it,
Gnorb (kind of) does the opposite: turning your TODO headings into
mini mailboxes.

*Note for previous users*: If you were using Gnorb from Github before
it shifted to the Elpa repository, the email tracking mechanism has
changed, please see the manual for details.
** Known bugs/issues
*** Gnus Registry
Prior to late December, 2014, the Gnus registry had some issues with
preserving "precious" entries while pruning.

When the registry approaches its maximum size it will delete excess
entries, a process referred to as "pruning". "Precious" entries are
those that contain important information: they should not be pruned.

Gnorb uses the registry to track associations between messages and Org
headings, and marks those entries as precious. The entire process of
tracking, in fact, relies on these entries being preserved, and Gnorb
goes to some lengths to protect this information. Older versions of
the registry could nevertheless delete those entries.

These issues are fixed circa the end of December, 2014, around "Ma
Gnus v0.12", whatever that means. If you think there's a possibility
your registry is full, and associations are being deleted, you might
consider upgrading to a recent Gnus.
*** Multiple Associations
Gnorb theoretically supports email messages being associated with
multiple Org headings. In practice, however, this situation hasn't
been thought through completely, and you may experience weirdness. If
you do, and you have some ideas about how it should be handled, please
contact the author and suggest them.
** Installation

It's easiest to install Gnorb from Elpa: run `list-packages' and look
for it there.

Or clone the Git repo at, and add the
top-level directory to your load path.

If you want to use Gnorb for tracking emails with TODOs, you'll need
to add a nngnorb server to your `gnus-secondary-select-methods'
variable, then call `gnorb-tracking-initialize' in your init files.
Again, see the manual for details.
** Roadmap
*** More fully utilize nngnorb
Instead of just being place to put nnir searches, the nngnorb server
should have groups in its own right. Users will still be able to make
ephemeral search groups if they like, but they'll also have the option
of creating regular Gnus groups that track certain Org subtrees. These
groups will be persistent, and they will auto-update, so it's possible
to handle more TODO stuff from the Gnus group buffer. Copying a
message into the group will set up tracking for the message; deleting
it from the group will remove tracking.
*** Comprehensive views of related information
For instance, A `gnorb-view' command that takes a tags-todo search
phrase (or a single Org heading ID), finds all relevant messages, Org
headings, and BBDB records, and sets up a four-pane view: Org Agenda,
BBDB buffer, Gnus Summary buffer, and Gnus Article buffer.

Or something like that -- more pondering is necessary.
*** Consider consolidating posting styles, personas, etc
There are many solutions out there for setting up "personas" in Gnus
or elsewhere: wrappers for mail composition and reply that create
certain identities by setting variables and mail headers.

Do we need another one? Gnorb seems so well placed for this sort of
thing: we've already got bbdb-posting-styles, and allowing further
configuration based on, say, the Org tags of the subtree we're
composing messages from... Or maybe it's just a case of NIH.
** To do list
*** TODO Agenda date-span message search
Provide an Org Agenda command that does an email search for messages
received in the visible date span, or day under point, etc. Make it
work in the calendar, as well?
*** DONE Capture to child/subtree trigger actions
- State "DONE"       from "TODO"       [2015-03-17 Tue 17:42]
Add trigger actions that create new sibling or child headings on the
original Org heading.
*** TODO Gnus message tagging
Allow tagging of Gnus messages, by giving the message's registry entry
an 'org-tags key.
*** TODO Email subtree export to doc and rtf
When using `gnorb-email-subtree', provide built-in options for
exporting to doc and rtf attachments; these are such commonly-needed
formats. Do the odt conversion automatically.
*** TODO Collect BBDB messages by thread
At present, when you collect message links on a BBDB contact, each
message is a separate link. If you have lengthy conversations with
this contact, you'll get a whole bunch of links with the same summary:
not very useful. Provide an option to collect one /thread/ per link:
each link represents the top-level message in the thread, and
following the link opens a Summary buffer where the whole thread is
*** TODO Automatic org-tagging for BBDB contacts
When messages from a contact are associated with an Org heading, make
it possible for the contact to inherit that heading's tags
*** TODO gnorb-bbdb-view
Provide a `gnorb-bbdb-view' command that opens a Summary buffer
containing all the tracked messages from the contact(s) under point.

Old versions

gnorb-1.tar2014-Oct-10 170kB
gnorb-1.1.1.tar2015-May-05 200kB
gnorb-1.1.0.tar2015-Apr-24 200kB
gnorb-1.0.1.tar2014-Oct-26 190kB


GNU Emacs Gnorb NEWS -- history of user-visible changes.  -*- org -*-

* Version 1.1.0 [2015-04-23 Thu]
** New trigger actions
Two new trigger actions allow you to capture a new sibling or child
heading relative to the heading you're triggering.
** Persistent Gnorb groups
Give a prefix argument to `gnorb-org-view' to create a named,
persistent group containing tracked headings.
** Gnorb registry usage reports
Call `gnorb-report-tracking-usage' to see how much of the Gnus
registry Gnorb is occupying, and run cleaning routines.
* Version 1.0.1 [2014-10-22 Wed]
** Deleting associations
It's now possible to delete associations between messages and
headings; the user is also prompted to do this at a few points.
** Link following
Following links to messages is a little more clever, and will re-use
existing windows/frames when possible.
** Cleanups/Bugfixes
Proper autoloads, addressing compiler warnings, better chain of
requires, bugfixes.
* Version 1 [2014-10-07 Tue]
** First Elpa Version
** Email Tracking
The mechanism for email tracking has changed since Gnorb was made
available on Elpa. See the manual for set-up instructions.
** Directory Structure
The directory structure has changed since Gnorb was made available on
Elpa. There is no longer a lisp/ directory -- all *.el files are now
at the top level.