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vlf-1.7.1.tar, 2017-Dec-30, 160 KiB
Andrey Kotlarski <>
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To install this package, run in Emacs:

M-x package-install RET vlf RET

Full description

This package provides the M-x vlf command, which visits part of
large file without loading it entirely.  The buffer uses VLF mode,
which provides several commands for moving around, searching,
comparing and editing selected part of file.
To have it offered when opening large files:
(require 'vlf-setup)

This package was inspired by a snippet posted by Kevin Rodgers,
showing how to use `insert-file-contents' to extract part of a

Old versions

vlf-1.7.tar2015-Jan-02 160 KiB
vlf-1.6.tar2014-Sep-21 140 KiB
vlf-1.5.tar2014-Feb-24 110 KiB
vlf-1.4.tar2014-Feb-02 110 KiB
vlf-1.2.el2013-Dec-1554.0 KiB
vlf-0.9.1.el2013-Aug-1441.5 KiB
vlf-0.9.el2013-Jul-2240.3 KiB
vlf-0.2.el2012-Dec-015.64 KiB