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Using posframe to show Vertico
vertico-posframe-0.7.7.tar (.sig), 2024-Apr-24, 60.0 KiB
Feng Shu <>
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To install this package from Emacs, use package-install or list-packages.

Full description

1. What is vertico-posframe

vertico-posframe is an vertico extension, which lets vertico use posframe to show its candidate menu.

NOTE: vertico-posframe requires Emacs 26 and do not support mouse click.

2. How to enable vertico-posframe

(require 'vertico-posframe)
(vertico-posframe-mode 1)

3. Tips

3.1. How to let vertico-posframe work well with vertico-multiform.

(setq vertico-multiform-commands
         (vertico-posframe-poshandler . posframe-poshandler-frame-top-center)
         (vertico-posframe-border-width . 10)
         ;; NOTE: This is useful when emacs is used in both in X and
         ;; terminal, for posframe do not work well in terminal, so
         ;; vertico-buffer-mode will be used as fallback at the
         ;; moment.
         (vertico-posframe-fallback-mode . vertico-buffer-mode))
        (t posframe)))
(vertico-multiform-mode 1)

NOTE: vertico-posframe-mode will be activated/deactivated by vertico-multiform-mode dynamically when you add 'posframe' setting to vertico-multiform-commands, please do not enable vertico-posframe-mode globally at the moment.

3.2. To conditionally disable posframe

(setq vertico-multiform-commands
      '((consult-line (:not posframe))
        (t posframe)))

3.3. How to show fringe to vertico-posframe

(setq vertico-posframe-parameters
      '((left-fringe . 8)
        (right-fringe . 8)))

By the way, User can set any parameters of vertico-posframe with the help of `vertico-posframe-parameters'.

Old versions

vertico-posframe-0.7.6.tar.lz2024-Jan-0315.0 KiB
vertico-posframe-0.7.5.tar.lz2023-Nov-2114.9 KiB
vertico-posframe-0.7.4.tar.lz2023-Nov-1614.9 KiB
vertico-posframe-0.7.3.tar.lz2023-Aug-1814.9 KiB
vertico-posframe-0.7.2.tar.lz2023-Feb-2214.9 KiB
vertico-posframe-0.7.1.tar.lz2023-Feb-2115.0 KiB
vertico-posframe-0.7.0.tar.lz2023-Feb-2015.0 KiB
vertico-posframe-0.6.0.tar.lz2022-Dec-2014.7 KiB
vertico-posframe-0.5.9.tar.lz2022-Dec-1914.4 KiB
vertico-posframe-0.5.5.tar.lz2022-Nov-3014.3 KiB
vertico-posframe-0.5.4.tar.lz2022-Apr-1514.1 KiB
vertico-posframe-0.5.3.tar.lz2022-Mar-2114.1 KiB
vertico-posframe-0.5.2.tar.lz2022-Jan-3014.1 KiB
vertico-posframe-0.5.1.tar.lz2022-Jan-1214.0 KiB
vertico-posframe-0.5.0.tar.lz2022-Jan-1013.9 KiB
vertico-posframe-0.4.9.tar.lz2022-Jan-1013.9 KiB
vertico-posframe-0.4.1.tar.lz2021-Nov-0514.5 KiB
vertico-posframe-0.3.10.tar.lz2021-Nov-0414.5 KiB
vertico-posframe-0.3.3.tar.lz2021-Oct-2813.8 KiB
vertico-posframe-0.2.0.tar.lz2021-Oct-2713.6 KiB