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like lisp.el but for tex
tex-parens-0.4.tar (.sig), 2024-Jun-30, 60.0 KiB
Paul D. Nelson <>
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To install this package from Emacs, use package-install or list-packages.

Full description

1. Overview

Emacs comes with the following useful commands for working with lists, sexps and defuns (see the info nodes Expressions and Defuns):

bind command docstring
C-M-@ mark-sexp Set mark ARG sexps from point or move mark one sexp.
C-M-a beginning-of-defun Move backward to the beginning of a defun.
C-M-b backward-sexp Move backward across one balanced expression (sexp).
C-M-d down-list Move forward down one level of parentheses.
C-M-e end-of-defun Move forward to next end of defun.
C-M-f forward-sexp Move forward across one balanced expression (sexp).
C-M-h mark-defun Put mark at end of this defun, point at beginning.
C-M-k kill-sexp Kill the sexp (balanced expression) following point.
C-M-n forward-list Move forward across one balanced group of parentheses.
C-M-p backward-list Move backward across one balanced group of parentheses.
C-M-t transpose-sexps Like C-t (‘transpose-chars’), but applies to sexps.
C-M-u backward-up-list Move backward out of one level of parentheses.
C-M-<backspace> backward-kill-sexp Kill the sexp (balanced expression) preceding point.
- up-list Move forward out of one level of parentheses.
- delete-pair Delete a pair of characters enclosing ARG sexps that follow point.
- raise-sexp Raise N sexps one level higher up the tree.

This package provides analogous commands adapted for tex buffers, with the class of parenthesis-like delimiters (namely, parentheses (), brackets [] and braces {}) expanded to include the following:

  • \begin{...} - \end{...} pairs
  • math environment delimiters $...$, \(...\), \[...\], $$...$$
  • mathematical delimiters: parentheses, brackets, braces, \langle - \rangle, \lvert - \rvert, etc., and compositions of these with modifiers such as \left - \right, \Bigg, etc. See M-x customize-group tex-parens for details.

There is some support in this direction in the built-in tex-mode, in AUCTeX and in latex-extra. There are many packages, such as paredit and lispy, that add further useful commands and bindings to lisp modes, and many other packages, such as smartparens, puni and paredit-everywhere, that aim to give consistent parenthesis-based commands across all modes. There's also the evil-tex package for those that prefer a modal setup. I was unable to get these packages to behave in the desired manner. Smartparens comes close, but doesn't seem to support arbitrary begin/end pairs, and has some issues when one delimiter is a prefix of another ( This package should work out-of-the-box and behave in tex buffers just like stock Emacs does in lisp buffers.

2. Configuration

This package is available via GNU ELPA, so you can install it using package-install or list-packages. You can activate it via M-x tex-parens-mode, which remaps binds for the commands listed above to their tex-parens-* counterparts.

To activate automatically, add the following lines to your config (the first hook applies if use the built-in tex-mode, the second if you use AUCTeX):

(use-package tex-parens
  (tex-mode . tex-parens-mode)
  (TeX-mode . tex-parens-mode))

For finer control over how keys are bound, you can avoid tex-parens-mode and instead use something like the following:

(use-package tex-parens
  (:map LaTeX-mode-map
	("C-M-f" . tex-parens-forward-sexp)
	("C-M-b" . tex-parens-backward-sexp)
	("C-M-n" . tex-parens-forward-list)
	("C-M-p" . tex-parens-backward-list)
	("C-M-u" . tex-parens-backward-up-list)
	("M-u" . tex-parens-up-list)
	("C-M-g" . tex-parens-down-list)
	("M-_" . tex-parens-delete-pair)
	("C-M-SPC" . tex-parens-mark-sexp)
	("C-M-k" . tex-parens-kill-sexp)
	("C-M-t" . tex-parens-transpose-sexps)
	("C-M-<backspace>" . tex-parens-backward-kill-sexp)
	("M-+" . tex-parens-raise-sexp))
  (tex-mode . tex-parens-setup)
  (TeX-mode . tex-parens-setup))

The precise use-package declaration that I use may be found in the LaTeX part of my config (elpaca branch).

Use M-x customize-group tex-parens to configure further. If you tweak the customization variables concerning delimiters and modifiers, then you'll need to reload your tex file, reset the minor mode, or do M-: (tex-parens-setup) for the changes to take effect.

3. Variants

This package contains the additional functions tex-parens-burp-left, tex-parens-burp-right, tex-parens-mark-inner, tex-parens-beginning-of-list and tex-parens-end-of-list, which are defined in terms of the sexp/list primitives; see the C-h f documentation for details.

Old versions

tex-parens-0.3.tar.lz2024-Jun-2910.4 KiB
tex-parens-0.2.tar.lz2024-Jun-1810.3 KiB