GNU ELPA - sql-indent


Support for indenting code in SQL files.
sql-indent-1.0.tar, 2017-Dec-01, 280kB
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To install this package, run in Emacs:

M-x package-install RET sql-indent RET

Full description

Add syntax-based indentation when editing SQL code: TAB indents the current
line based on the syntax of the SQL code on previous lines.
`sqlind-minor-mode' is a minor mode that enables/disables this
functionality. To setup syntax-based indentation for every SQL buffer, add
`sqlind-minor-mode' to `sql-mode-hook'.

The package also defines align rules so that the `align' function works for
SQL statements, see `sqlind-align-rules'.

Indentation rules can be customized, for more information, see the
"" file or the doc strings for `sqlind-basic-offset',
`sqlind-default-indentation-offsets-alist' and