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To install this package, run in Emacs:

M-x package-install RET prefixed-core RET

Full description

This library provids new names for old functions.

Many core Lisp functions do not abide by the "package prefix convention"
that Elisp packages are expected to follow, and instead use a naming
that makes for names that sound closer to "plain English", typically
using the form "VERB-NOUN" to focus on what the function does rather
then what it operates on.

In this library, we try to group functions based on their "subject"
and make them share a common prefix.

While this may seem like a futile and impossible endeavor (many functions
can arguably be reasonably placed in several different groups), I think it
can be sufficiently useful, that it is worth trying to get a bit closer to
this impossible goal.

Some of the expected benefits are:
- Making some functionality more discoverable
- Helping to write code using prefix-based completion.
- Better match the tradition followed in pretty much all programming
  languages (including Elisp, for non-core functions).