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N Λ N O modeline
nano-modeline-0.2.tar, 2021-Oct-07, 930 KiB
Nicolas P. Rougier <>
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To install this package, run in Emacs:

M-x package-install RET nano-modeline RET

Full description

Nano modeline is a minor mode that modify the modeline as:
[ status | name (primary)                               secondary ]

It can be displayed at the bottom (mode-line) or at the top (header-line)
depending on nano-modeline-position custom setting.

There are two sets of faces (for active and inactive modelines) that
can be customized (M-x: customize-group + nano-modeline)

- nano-modeline-active-name      / nano-modeline-inactive-name
- nano-modeline-active-primary   / nano-modeline-inactive-primary
- nano-modeline-active-secondary / nano-modeline-inactive-secondary
- nano-modeline-active-status-RO / nano-modeline-inactive-status-RO
- nano-modeline-active-status-RW / nano-modeline-inactive-status-RW
- nano-modeline-active-status-** / nano-modeline-inactive-status-**

Usage example:

M-x: nano-modeline-mode

Old versions

nano-modeline-0.1.tar.lz2021-Oct-07 709 KiB


Vesrion 0.2
- Implements modeline as minor mode

Version 0.1
- Submission to ELPA