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The Emacs Multimedia System
emms-5.42.tar, 2020-Jun-13, 960 KiB
Yoni Rabkin <>
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To install this package, run in Emacs:

M-x package-install RET emms RET

Full description

Please read the fine manual which is available in the doc
directory. We do our best to make sure that it's up to date and

Old versions

emms-5.41.tar2020-Jun-11 800 KiB


News since version 5.4

  - Emms is now available via the GNU ELPA repository.
  - New info method: tinytag.

News since version 5.3

  - Updated Website launched.
  - New and simplified emms-streams.el implementation.
  - New streaming radio stations.
  - Use track-at-point as a hint for guessing emms-add directory.
  - Bug fix: prevent skipping track when switching them during mpv playback.
  - Mixerctl now availabe in custom interface.

News since version 5.2

  - emms-volume-mixerctl.el: mixerctl volume control.
  - emms-playlist-save: improve behavior.
  - emms-playing-time: add a count-down timer display style.
  - Try to auto-detect the appropriate volume control.

News since version 5.1

  - emms-browser.el: faster thumbnail cache lookups.
  - emms-player-mpd.el: Parse disc number for mpd tracks.
  - Make thing-at-point behavior more consistent.
  - Remove redundant functions in code.
  - Allow changing the mode-line icon.
  - Bug fix: emms-player-mode, more consistent behavior.
  - Bug fix: emms-browser, Don't rely on (interactive "r").

News since version 5.0

  - Add `emms-toggle-single-track'.
  - Fix the way emms-score skips tracks.
  - Safer key-binding for interactively killing the playlist buffer.
  - Bug fix: emms-show-all quit now behaves well.
  - Bug fix: Metalplaylist focus would error without a current buffer.
  - emms-playlist-sort sorts the visible playlist.
  - Rewrite emms-playlist-limit implementation. Now operates on the
    current buffer rather than the current playlist. Add
  - Rewrite mpv backend to use long-running mpv instances controlled
    over json-rpc protocol for newer versions.

News since version 4.4

  - Add Org-style "TAB" binding to cycle through the different levels of expansions.
  - Bind emms-browser-move-up-level to "^".
  - Make "RET" (emms-add-tracks) add all tracks in region or with numeric argument
    that many tracks.
  - Supersede emms-browser-delete-files with emms-browser-remove-tracks to
    remove tracks from browser without deleting files.  Use prefix argument to
    get the old behaviour.  Regions and numeric argument are supported.
  - Add emms-cache-reset.
  - Use the "album artist" instead of the "artist" browser node by default.
  - Bug fix: emms-volume-pulse multi-digit volume numbers.
  - Bug fix: emms-smart-browse "cascading" from a browser search.
  - Bug fix: fix fallback thumbnail filter.
  - Add mpv backend support.
  - Speed up info processing.
  - Add Opus info support via emms-info-opusinfo.el.
  - Code modernizations thanks to Pierre Neidhardt.
  - Tagging mp3 files v2.x files now works via mid3v2.
  - Add dynamic thumbnail caching.
  - Improve emms-metaplaylist-mode.

News since version 4.3:

  - emms-volume-amixer.el: card id can be customized
  - Bug fix: set-playlist-buffer listing.
  - emms-source-file-directory-tree-find now follows symlinks.
  - Playlists can now be sorted by mtime.
  - Move to cl-lib.
  - Improve emms-volume.
  - Bug fix: fix mpg321 autoplay.

News since version 4.2:

  - Limit network lookups in Browser mode.
  - New (C++) emms-print-metadata brings more TagLib features.
  - Compilation warnings gone (excl. cl).
  - Bug fix: emms-lyrics free variable fix.

News since version 4.1:

  - Removed defunct streams.
  - Various emms-tag-editor bug fixes.
  - Bug fix: Info file now installs with correct suffix.
  - Bug fix: `make install' now installs emms-print-metadata.

News since version 4.0:

  - Change the default behavior of C-k in emms-playlist-mode.
  - Covers can have several extensions.  See
  - login details can, and should, be stored in authinfo now.
  - Possible to set volume via PulseAudio pactl via
  - emms-lyrics.el now uses eww if present.  Also EMMS tries to fetch
    non-Chinese lyrics from
  - Add HTTPS support where possible.
  - Sort using locale language in the browser, if possible.
  - emms-setup.el has been simplified.
  - The Emms manual has been revised to help new users.
  - New feature: M-x emms-show-all.

News since version 3.0:

  - Add GNU FM support.
  - Added mp4, m4a to the extensions handled by emms-info-libtag.
  - Play tracks randomly.
  - Extend MPD player support.
  - Add pause-resume support for lyrics display.
  - New implementation of emms-print-metadata.
  - Support both XEmacs and Emacs to highlight playing lyrics.
  - Add support for disc-number sorting of FLAC files.
  - New function to allow custom browser track-formats to display
    track duration.
  - Drop support for emms-player-gstreamer,
  - emms-player-mplayer: Remove code for loading movie subtitles
    automatically by emms, since mplayer has an option
    (`sub-fuzziness') controlling that.
  - Support displaying lyrics in a dedicated buffer, to highlight playing lyric.
  - Fix make install on Cygwin.
  - Compilation errors cleanup.

News since version 2.1:

  - Saving bookmarks in individual tracks is now supported.
  - Support deleting files from the cache.
  - Add mms:// URL support for emms-player-mplayer.
  - Implement pause, resume, and seek support for
  - A new player called emms-player-timidity has been implemented
    which is capable of playing midi files.
  - A new player called emms-player-fluidsynth is also capable of
    playing midi files.
  - A new player called emms-player-xine (in emms-player-xine.el) is
    capable of using Xine to play tracks.
  - Hitting "<" or ">" in emms-playlist-mode causes seeking backward
    and forward, respectively.
  - New file jack.el allows jackd to be started from within emacs, and
    permits clients to be connected or disconnected.
  - New file emms-tag-editor.el is capable of editing track
    information in songs.
  - New file emms-mark.el allows tracks in a playlist to be marked and
    operated on, much like dired mode.
  - New file emms-lastfm.el implements submitting track information to and playing radio streams.  Support for playing
    these streams has been added to emms-streams.el.
  - New file emms-i18n.el adds support for handling coding systems
    properly in process input/output.  This is currently only used by
  - New file emms-history.el causes playlists to be saved
    automatically when exiting Emacs.
  - emms-player-mpd:
    - Using the emms-browser to insert and play tracks now works
      properly with emms-player-mpd.
    - Display the correct error message if an error occurs while
      trying to play a stream.
    - Handle any encoding errors that occur during playback.
    - Integrate with emms-lastfm.el in `emms-player-mpd-show', if
      emms-lastfm is loaded and active.
  - emms-playing-time supports different display styles now.
  - emms-lyrics: Now support lyrics auto-scrolling.
  - emms-player-mplayer: Capable of loading movie subtitles
    automatically now.

News since version 2.0:

  - A new player that uses mpg321's remote mode is now available
    (emms-player-mpg321-remote)--this allows seeking and copes with
    errors in files.
  - A metadata browser has been added in emms-browser.el.
  - Recording of the time a track was last played is now supported.
  - emms-play-* and emms-add-* functions now toggle their play/add
    behavior when a prefix argument is supplied.
  - EMMS now caches tracks, which speeds up loading of large
    collections with info tags considerably.
  - EMMS now knows how to change the volume (emms-volume.el).
  - When playing a playlist from emms-playlist-mode, EMMS now
    optionally opens a new buffer for this playlist.

User-visible bug fixes:

  - The emms-playlist-mode is now much faster.
  - MP3s with errors are now playable when using the remote player.