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Contact management package
ebdb-0.4.2.tar, 2017-Nov-01, 920kB
Eric Abrahamsen <>
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To install this package, run in Emacs:

M-x package-install RET ebdb RET

Full description

EBDB is a contact management/addressbook package for Emacs.

It's a re-write of the Insidious Big Brother Database ([[][BBDB]]) using
Emacs Lisp's (relatively new) object oriented libraries. The "E" is
vaguely meant to signify "[[][EIEIO]]".

It lives in both the ELPA repositories, and on Github at It's best to [[][install from ELPA]], but
bug reports and pull requests on Github will also be attended to.
Alternately, run ~report-emacs-bugs~, include "EBDB" somewhere in the
subject line, and cc the maintainer.

More EBDB-related packages are available in ELPA.

See the manual for usage details.

Old versions

ebdb-0.4.tar2017-Oct-28 920kB
ebdb-0.4.1.tar2017-Oct-31 920kB
ebdb-0.3.tar2017-Sep-03 880kB
ebdb-0.3.5.tar2017-Oct-22 910kB
ebdb-0.3.4.tar2017-Oct-09 900kB
ebdb-0.3.3.tar2017-Sep-27 890kB
ebdb-0.3.2.tar2017-Sep-17 900kB
ebdb-0.3.1.tar2017-Sep-04 880kB
ebdb-0.2.tar2017-Aug-15 810kB