GNU ELPA - dtache


A package to launch, and manage, dtache processes
dtache-0.7.tar, 2022-May-22, 50.0 KiB
Niklas Eklund <>
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To install this package, run in Emacs:

M-x package-install RET dtache RET

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The package has been renamed to detached.el, please migrate. The source code now resides at

Old versions

dtache-0.6.tar.lz2022-May-0235.7 KiB
dtache-0.5.tar.lz2022-Feb-0232.7 KiB
dtache-0.4.tar.lz2022-Jan-2431.6 KiB


1 Version 0.7 (2022-05-21)

  • Rename dtache to detached.el and migrate source code to
  • Introduce dtache-init.el and move integration of other packages there. The integration now becomes even simpler for users of dtache.
  • Rewrite dtache to enable the package to lazy load and not force users to load it when starting Emacs.
  • Make completion of sessions adapt to the current dtache sessions. All of the sessions will be used to determine an an appropriate width for the command width as well as each individual annotation. Format has updated in dtache-annotation-format and a dtache-command-format has been added, this supersedes the dtache-max-command-lenght.
  • Improvements to dtache-env. The package will now control which mode dtache-env should be run in. The mode is either plain-text or terminal-data. The latter is enabled by default and allows dtache to capture control sequences for e.g. colored output. This update will require users to update their dtache-env scripts.
  • Add integration with dired through dired-do-shell-command
  • Add option to show a session's output when attaching to a it. This feature is enabled with dtache-show-output-on-attach.

2 Version 0.6 (2022-05-01)

  • Eshell integration has been updated. The package now supports expansion of eshell aliases. However dtache will no longer run if commands are elisp functions.
  • Example configuration for dtache integration with vterm added.
  • The package now uses ansi-color to handle ANSI escape sequences. This feature is enabled by default but can be turned of if dtache-filter-ansi-sequences is set to nil.

3 Version 0.5 (2022-02-02)

  • Add support for org through the dtache-org extension. This makes it possible to use dtache with org-babel (shell) source code blocks.
  • Support for multiple Emacs sessions. When a dtache session is created, it will now become visible in all active Emacs sessions.

4 Version 0.4 (2022-01-22)

  • dtache takes care of setting up the keybindings for its users. The detach key can be customized through dtache-detach-key
  • dtache now has full on macOS. The previous issue of not being able to utilize filenotify has been resolved.
  • dtache now uses notifications library to issue notifications by default.
  • dtache now uses filenotify for notifications except on local macOS hosts.

5 Version 0.3 (2022-01-15)

  • dtache now uses filenotify for both local and remote sessions. If run on macOS timers are used both for local as well as remote sessions.
  • Add version for dtache-session objects. This makes dtache not break whenever non-backwards compatible changes are made to the dtache-session object.
  • The commands for launching sessions are now renamed to resemble the non dtache commands. The commands are dtache-shell-command, dtache-shell-send-input, dtache-eshell-send-input, dtache-compile.
  • Add action value to a session. This value is set to dtache-session-action which is a property list optionally specifying attach, view and run properties. These properties are then used in dwim commands to improve their functionality.
  • Add a generic detach command, dtache-detach-session. This command is supposed to be used to detach from sessions in all supported modes.
  • Add dtache-compile.el. This library provides commands dtache-compile and dtache-compile-recompile which are supposed to be used instead of compile=/=recompile.
  • Improve dtache-shell-command, the command is now very similar to async-shell-command and can be considered a replacement of the latter.
  • Add integration with the consult package through dtache-consult.el.
  • Add support for eshell through the dtache-eshell package.
  • macOS (monitor) support is added to the package.

6 Version 0.2 (2021-12-23)

  • With the recent improvements to dtache-open-session, the package is ready to harmonize the user interface. This means deprecating dtache-list-sessions.

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