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Compatibility Library
compat-, 2022-May-07, 190 KiB
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To install this package, run in Emacs:

M-x package-install RET compat RET

Full description

To allow for the usage of Emacs functions and macros that are
defined in newer versions of Emacs, compat.el provides definitions
that are installed ONLY if necessary.  These reimplementations of
functions and macros are at least subsets of the actual
implementations.  Be sure to read the documentation string to make

Not every function provided in newer versions of Emacs is provided
here.  Some depend on new features from the core, others cannot be
implemented to a meaningful degree.  The main audience for this
library are not regular users, but package maintainers.  Therefore
commands and user options are usually not implemented here.

Old versions

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Release of "Compat" Version

This is a minor release fixing a bug in json-serialize, that could cause unintended side-effects, not related to packages using Compat directly (see

(Released <2022-05-05 Thu>)

Release of "Compat" Version

This release mostly fixes a number of smaller bugs that were not identified as of Nevertheless these warrent a version bump, as some of these changes a functional. These include:

  • The addition of the file-attribute-* accessor functions.
  • The addition of file-attribute-collect.
  • Improvements to the Texinfo manual (via Jonas Bernoulli's recent work on ox-texinfo). For the time being, the Texinfo file is maintained in the repository itself, next to the MANUAL file. This might change in the future.
  • Adding a prefix to string-trim, string-trim-left and string-trim-right (i.e. now compat-string-trim, compat-string-trim-left and compat-string-trim-right)
  • Improving the version inference used in the compat-* macros. This improves the compile-time optimisation that strips away functions that are known to be defined for a specific version.
  • The addition of generalised variable (setf) support for compat-alist-get.
  • The addition of image-property and generalised variable support for image-property.
  • The addition of the function compat-executable-find.
  • The addition of the function compat-dired-get-marked-files.
  • The addition of the function exec-path.
  • The addition of the function make-lock-file-name.
  • The addition of the function null-device.
  • The addition of the function time-equal-p.
  • The addition of the function date-days-in-month.
  • Handling out-of-directory byte compilation better.
  • Fixing the usage and edge-cases of and-let*.

Furthermore a bug tracker was added:, which is the preferred way to report issues or feature requests. General problems, questions, etc. are still better discussed on the development mailing list:

(Released <2022-04-22 Fri>)