GNU ELPA - bluetooth


A Major mode for Bluetooth devices
bluetooth-0.2.el, 2020-Sep-19, 136 KiB
Raffael Stocker <>
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To install this package, run in Emacs:

M-x package-install RET bluetooth RET

Full description

This package implements basic Bluetooth management functionality, such as
connecting and disconnecting devices, setting properties and aliases,
putting the adapter in discovery mode and controlling its power supply.
It also includes a pairing agent.
It uses the Bluez Bluetooth stack on GNU/Linux via the D-Bus interface.
Therefore, it requires an Emacs with D-Bus support compiled-in.

To use the package, invoke `bluetooth-list-devices'.

Old versions

bluetooth-0.1.2.el2019-Nov-16 127 KiB
bluetooth-0.1.1.el2019-Nov-14 127 KiB
bluetooth-0.1.el2019-Nov-08 128 KiB