GNU ELPA - beacon


Highlight the cursor whenever the window scrolls
beacon-1.3.3.el, 2017-Oct-18, 20.3 KiB
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To install this package, run in Emacs:

M-x package-install RET beacon RET

Full description

This is a global minor-mode. Turn it on everywhere with:
│ (beacon-mode 1)

Whenever the window scrolls a light will shine on top of your cursor so
you know where it is.

That’s it.

See the accompanying for configuration details.

Old versions

beacon-1.3.2.el2016-Oct-1220.1 KiB
beacon-1.3.1.el2016-May-2719.7 KiB
beacon-1.3.0.el2016-Apr-3019.4 KiB
beacon-1.2.1.el2016-Apr-0519.2 KiB
beacon-1.2.el2016-Apr-0219.0 KiB
beacon-1.0.el2016-Feb-0718.6 KiB
beacon-0.6.1.el2016-Jan-1718.3 KiB
beacon-0.6.el2016-Jan-1617.7 KiB
beacon-0.5.1.el2015-Oct-3117.0 KiB
beacon-0.3.el2015-Oct-2614.7 KiB
beacon-0.2.1.el2015-Oct-2214.0 KiB
beacon-0.1.1.el2015-Oct-1812.5 KiB
beacon-0.1.el2015-Oct-1712.3 KiB