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Predictive abbreviation expansion
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Arthur Miller <>
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To install this package from Emacs, use package-install or list-packages.

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Pabbrev provides predictive abbreviation expansion with no configuration needed and works with any mode.

Pabbrev is another abbreviation expansion mode somewhat like dabbrev-expand, in that it looks through the current buffer for symbols that can complete the current symbol. Unlike dabbrev-expand, it does this by discovering the words during the Emacs idle time, and places the results into data structures which enable very rapid extraction of expansions. The upshot of this is that it can offer suggestions as you type, without causing an unacceptable slow down.

Pabbrev is a small package, un-intrusive and out of the way. Pabbrev can be used with Emacs completion facilities and packages such as Company or Corfu, for the user interaction and user interface.

1. Features

  • Timer-based auto-suggestions (does not block main user-interface)
  • In-buffer color-coded display of best candidate
  • Suggestions ranked by usage frequency or shortest-prefix
  • The best suggestion is inserted with TAB, on demand
  • List of all available suggestions

2. Installation and Configuration

Pabbrev is available from GNU ELPA. You can install it directly via package-install.

To enable pabbrev in your Emacs, run M-x global-pabbrev-mode.

3. Key bindings

Pabbrev bind keybindings in pabbrev-mode-map, and currently only binds <TAB> key to pabbrev-expand-maybe function.

4. Contributions

All non-significant contributions to this package require a copyright assignment to the FSF.

Old versions

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Since 4.2.2:
- Cosmestic changes (enable lexical-binding, silence compiler warnings, ...)