Authoring and publishing tool for Emacs
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Michael Olson <>
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To install this package, run in Emacs:

M-x package-install RET muse RET

Full description

Muse is a tool for easily authoring and publishing documents.  It
allows for rapid prototyping of hyperlinked text, which may then be
exported to multiple output formats, such as HTML, LaTeX, and Texinfo.

The markup rules used by Muse are intended to be very friendly to
people familiar with Emacs.  See the included manual for more

Old versions

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Emacs Muse NEWS --- History of user-visible changes    -*- outline -*-

* Changes in Muse 3.20

** Fix bug with duplicates in completing-read of wiki page names.

** Mark some tags as dangerous for text by untrusted contributors.

** Implement <div> tag.

** When viewing a page, publish it first.

** Include non-working alpha of Ikiwiki publishing.

** Make it easier to browse published PDF files.

** Fix bug with C-c C-v on a file not part of any project.

** Add workaround for Emacs 23 and htmlize issue.

** muse-latex2png: Fix handling of filenames with spaces in them.

** muse-colors: Separate highlighting rules according to major mode.

** muse-latex: Make lecture notes and slides work with images,
title page, and table of contents.

** Publishing

*** Fix end-of-line conversion bug when using Windows.

*** Fix bug where dates in journal entries could be published incorrectly.

*** Preserve the value of muse-current-project.

*** Conditionally interpret local variables.

*** Values set by file-local variables trump project variables.

*** muse-latex: Fix publishing of tags inside of <slide> tags.

*** Render <example> correctly in slides.

*** Fix bug in publishing of table.el style tables.

*** Fix bug where the first paragraph would not be published properly
if it started with a link.

** Build system

*** Makefile.defs.default (INFODIR): Place files in .../share/info.

** Manual

*** Miscellaneous updates.

* Changes in Muse 3.12

** New interactive function `muse-update-values': Call this after
changing muse-project-alist, in order to update various autogenerated

** Tag attributes may now span multiple lines.

** Don't keep track of undo data when publishing.
This should yield a speed-up.

** Build system

*** Add support for the DESTDIR variable, which allows the destination
directory to be easily set.

** Muse Mode highlighting (lisp/muse-colors.el)

*** Display message when muse-colors-toggle-inline-images is called.

** ConTeXt publishing (lisp/muse-context.el)

*** Fix publishing bug in Windows.

** HTML publishing (lisp/muse-html.el)

*** Fix bug where nested class tags were not working.

*** Fix error that occurred when a class tag had no name element.
In this case, we do not publish the tag at all.

** LaTeX publishing (lisp/muse-latex.el)

*** Escape specials in image filenames properly
Previously, it was not possible to escape "/", "#", or "|" in image
filenames.  In order to make this work, be certain that you have the
following LaTeX code in your header.


*** Escape specials in the title string in headers
In order to achieve this effect in custom headers, replace

  \title{<lisp>(muse-publishing-directive "title")</lisp>}


    (muse-publishing-directive "title") 'document)</lisp>}

in your headers.

*** Default to using UTF-8 rather than latin1 in headers.

*** Fix publishing bug in Windows.

*** Escape backslash as \textbackslash{} in monospace regions.

** Publish embedded LaTeX content to a PNG file (lisp/muse-latex2png.el)

*** Detect whether the tag ends at the end of a line.
If not, do not use "$$" to publish it.

** Muse Mode (lisp/muse-mode.el)

*** New option: `muse-insert-url-initial-input' specifies the initial text
to use when reading a URL.

*** Fix bug with browsing anchors that come after a link to them.

*** Fix bug involving filling and paragraphs next to headings.

*** Fill definition lists with two initial spaces in lines after the
definition list term.

** Project support (lisp/muse-project.el)

*** Fix issue that occurred when saving several files at once, where only
one of them would make it into the project file-alist.

*** If the PAGE argument to `muse-project-page-file' is nil, then return
the first directory of the project.

*** Fix bug where directory names without slashes in pr...