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GNU Hyperbole: The Everyday Hypertextual Information Manager
hyperbole-8.0.2pre0.20240225.94429.tar (.sig), 2024-Feb-25, 23.7 MiB
Mats Lidell <>
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Full description

GNU Hyperbole (pronounced Gnew Hi-per-bo-lee), or just Hyperbole, is like
Markdown for hypertext, letting you use little or no markup in files to
produce easy-to-navigate hypermedia files.  It is an easy-to-use, yet
powerful and programmable hypertextual information management system
implemented as a GNU Emacs package.  It offers rapid views and interlinking
of all kinds of textual information, utilizing Emacs for editing.  It can
dramatically increase your productivity and greatly reduce the number of
keyboard/mouse keys you'll need to work efficiently.

Hyperbole lets you:

1. Quickly create hyperlink buttons either from the keyboard or by dragging
between a source and destination window with a mouse button depressed.
Later activate buttons by pressing/clicking on them or by giving the name of
the button.

2. Activate many kinds of `implicit buttons' recognized by context within
text buffers, e.g. URLs, grep output lines, and git commits.  A single key
or mouse button automatically does the right thing in dozens of contexts;
just press and go.

3. Build outlines with multi-level numbered outline nodes, e.g.,
that all renumber automatically as any node or tree is moved in the
outline.  Each node also has a permanent hyperlink anchor that you can
reference from any other node;

4. Manage all your contacts quickly with hierarchical categories and embed
hyperlinks within each entry.  Or create an archive of documents with
hierarchical entries and use the same search mechanism to quickly find any
matching entry;

5. Use single keys to easily manage your Emacs windows or frames and quickly
retrieve saved window and frame configurations;

6. Search for things in your current buffers, in a directory tree or across
major web search engines with the touch of a few keys.

The common thread in all these features is making retrieval, management and
display of information fast and easy.  That is Hyperbole's purpose.


See the "INSTALL" file for installation instructions and the "" file
for general information.

There is no need to manually edit this file unless there are specific
customizations you would like to make, such as whether a Hyperbole Action
Mouse Key is bound to the middle mouse button.  (See the call of the
function, `hmouse-install', below).

Other site-specific customizations belong in "hsettings.el".

Old versions

hyperbole-8.0.2pre0.20240224.101001.tar.lz2024-Feb-2410.7 MiB
hyperbole-8.0.2pre0.20240222.73640.tar.lz2024-Feb-2210.7 MiB
hyperbole-8.0.2pre0.20240219.124329.tar.lz2024-Feb-1910.7 MiB
hyperbole-8.0.1pre0.20231210.205257.tar.lz2023-Dec-1010.7 MiB
hyperbole-8.0.1pre0.20231030.222339.tar.lz2023-Oct-3110.7 MiB
hyperbole-8.0.1pre0.20230829.21756.tar.lz2023-Sep-0310.7 MiB
hyperbole-8.0.1pre0.20221218.160719.tar.lz2022-Dec-199.90 MiB
hyperbole- MiB
hyperbole-7.1.4pre0.20210502.202250.tar.lz2021-May-027.53 MiB
hyperbole- MiB


*			  What's New in GNU Hyperbole
				 by Bob Weiner

*                                   V8.0.2pre

** ACE WINDOW PACKAGE INTEGRATION - fast window and buffer switching

  *** After installing the ace-window package and loading Hyperbole, execute
      (hkey-ace-window-setup "\M-o") to enable the following capabilities:

  *** Fast Window Links: The hkey-window-link command quickly creates links
      to other windows:

         {M-o w <window>} - creates an explicit button linked to point in <window>
         {C-u M-o w <window>} - creates an unnamed implicit button linked to point
           in <window>
         {M-1 M-o w <window>} - creates a named implicit button linked to point
           in <window>

      See "(hyperbole)Create Link Button".

** ACTION TYPES  (See "(hyperbole)Action Types").

  *** display-boolean, display-value, display-variable: Made all of these
      interactive, so can be used as button actypes.  See "(hyperbole)
      actypes display-boolean".


  *** Hyperbole Concepts: New writeup in Koutline format for those who
      want a quick read about how Hyperbole concepts all interrelate.
      View it with {C-h h d c}.

  *** Action Types: Added newer types and updated existing doc summaries
      in the Hyperbole manual.  See "(hyperbole)Action Types".

  *** Emacs 2022 Talk Videos:

        - Hyperbole and Org Mode: Org slide file is included in
          "HY-TALK/" with the video at

        - Linking Personal Info with Implicit Buttons: The video is at

        - Build a Zettelkasten with HyRolo: The video is at

  *** Doc Viewing: Updated to display many files from the Doc> menu in view
      minor mode, so can expand and collapse entries to view just the
      sections of interest.  This includes DEMO, FAST-DEMO, HY-ABOUT,
      HY-NEWS and the Hyperbole Files MANIFEST.

  *** New Menu Key Doc: Documented these Hyperbole minibuffer menu keys:

        - {Q} always quits from the menu without selecting anything

        - {X} both quits from the menu and disables Hyperbole minor
          mode; {C-h h} re-enables it.  See "(hyperbole)menu,
          entry/exit commands".

  *** Extensive 150-page Reference Manual: Includes multiple indexes for easy
      cross-referencing, Info viewer version and PDF for printing. View it:

        - with the Emacs Info reader: {C-h h d i}.
        - locally with a web browser: <browse-url "man/hyperbole.html">
        - in pdf form:                "man/hyperbole.pdf".

      Some of the updates include:

  **** Ibut Menu: Documented in the manual, notably the new Ibut/Create menu
       item.  See "(hyperbole)menu, Ibut/Create".  For the Ibut/Link menu
       item, see "(hyperbole)menu, Ibut/Link".

  **** Link Menu Items: With two windows on screen, link from source window
       point to referent window point.  Do a similar thing when more windows
       are on screen via an Action Mouse Key drag between windows.  See
       "(hyperbole)Smart Mouse Drags between Windows".

  **** Manual Glossary: Added Ace Window, Consult, Org Mode, and Org Roam
       entries.  See "(hyperbole)Glossary".

  **** Smart Key - Org Mode: Expanded with doc for more extensive behavior.
       See "(hyperbole)Smart Key - Org Mode".

** EXPLICIT BUTTONS  (See "(hyperbole)Explicit Buttons").

  *** Ebut/Link Menu Item: Inserts a named ebutton that links to point in
      another window.  See "(hyperbole)menu item, Ebut/Link".

** GLOBAL BUTTONS  (See "(hyperbole)Global Buttons").

  *** Gbut/Link Menu Item: A single name creates a new global link button
      to point.  See "(hyperbole)menu item, Gbut/Link".

  *** Auto Save: Automatically save the global button file after any edit.