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Major mode to edit Graphics Layout Engine files
gle-mode- (.sig), 2024-Mar-31, 40.0 KiB
Stefan Monnier <>
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Full description

This is a major mode for files using the GLE (Graphics Layout Engine)
language.  See
[ Apparently the site uses "glx" while everything else seems to use
  "gle" instead, because "gle" was already occupied in sourceforge.  ]

It provides:
- Code highlighting
- Automatic indentation
- Flymake support (requires Emacs-26's fymake)
- Imenu support
- Electric bloc names (after begin/end)
- Completion of bloc names
- Skeletons/templates to insert or close blocs

If you have misspelled a keyword or a command (etc.),
it should jump into your eyes because it is not highlighted.

Known defects:

- `print' is not highlighted in:

    if a==0 then print 0
    else if a==1 then print 1
    else print 2

- The `gle--line-syntax' description of the GLE language was extracted
  by hand from the doc and it is probably incomplete, and it is hard
  to update.

Andrey Grozin <> (2022-11-07)
provided the data to build the syntax description from which
the highlighting works.

- provide more completion

Old versions

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gle-mode- KiB
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