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Modular text completion framework
company- (.sig), 2024-May-15, 2.60 MiB
Dmitry Gutov <>
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Full description

Company is a modular completion framework.  Modules for retrieving completion
candidates are called backends, modules for displaying them are frontends.

Company comes with many backends, e.g. `company-etags'.  These are
distributed in separate files and can be used individually.

Enable `company-mode' in all buffers with M-x global-company-mode.  For
further information look at the documentation for `company-mode' (C-h f
company-mode RET).

If you want to start a specific backend, call it interactively or use
`company-begin-backend'.  For example:
M-x company-abbrev will prompt for and insert an abbrev.

To write your own backend, look at the documentation for `company-backends'.
Here is a simple example completing "foo":

(defun company-my-backend (command &optional arg &rest ignored)
  (interactive (list 'interactive))
  (pcase command
    (`interactive (company-begin-backend 'company-my-backend))
    (`prefix (company-grab-symbol))
    (`candidates (list "foobar" "foobaz" "foobarbaz"))
    (`meta (format "This value is named %s" arg))))

Sometimes it is a good idea to mix several backends together, for example to
enrich gtags with dabbrev-code results (to emulate local variables).  To do
this, add a list with both backends as an element in `company-backends'.

Old versions

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History of user-visible changes


  • company-elisp has been removed. It's not needed since Emacs 24.4, with all of its features having been incorporated into the built-in Elisp completion.
  • company-files shows shorter completions. Previously, the popup spanned the whole absolute file name being completed, and now it starts after the nearest directory separator (#1040).
  • New user option company-capf-disabled-functions (#1437).
  • Better support for yas-key-syntaxes (#1268).
  • New user option company-tooltip-scrollbar-width with default 0.4.
  • The tooltip uses a more complex rendering approach, supporting double width/CJK characters, as well as buffer text of different sizes (#1394). variable-pitch-mode is also working better, although when using it it's recommended to customize the company-tooltip face to be monospaced.
  • New user option company-dabbrev-code-completion-styles. Use it to enable fuzzy matching in company-dabbrev-code (#1215). An example configuration one can try:

el (setq company-dabbrev-code-ignore-case t company-dabbrev-code-completion-styles '(basic flex))

  • The backend command keep-prefix is being phased out. The built-in backends implement it internally now, which resolved a number of sharp edges (mostly) around "grouped" backends. To make that easier, several helpers were added, such as company-cache-fetch and company-substitute-prefix (#1411). And company-ispell uses the cache to keep the currently selected dictionary loaded in memory between completions.
  • The "length override" behavior in grouped backends now acts on each backend separately (#1405).

2023-10-08 (0.10.2)

  • More company-auto-update-doc-related fixes.
  • Better handling of C-g performed inside a doc-buffer handler (#1408).

2023-10-06 (0.10.1)

  • Fix upgrading from 0.9.13 when the package is already loaded (#1406).

2023-10-04 (0.10.0)

  • company-echo-show (and related featuers, most importantly, company-echo-metadata-frontend) now should stop interfering with the echo area and ElDoc when the current backend returns no meta.
  • New user option company-tooltip-annotation-padding (#1376).
  • When a snippet name is typed in full, completion does not abort now (only affects completions which have snippet kind), (#205).
  • company-show-doc-buffer now can accept a prefix argument to toggle a new variable company-auto-update-doc. When this variable is non-nil, it keeps the documentation buffer up-to-date whenever the selection changes (#1331).
  • company-auto-commit and company-auto-commit-chars have been renamed to company-insertion-on-trigger and company-insertion-triggers respectively (#1270).
  • New command company-complete-common-or-show-delayed-tooltip (#1214).
  • Faces company-scrollbar-fg and company-scrollbar-bg have been renamed to company-tooltip-scrollbar-thumb and company-tooltip-scrollbar-track respectively.
  • Better compatibility with visual-line-mode (#1257).
  • Better compatibility with org-indent-mode ... ...