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Sort candidates using completion history
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Ingo Lohmar <>
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Full description

1. company-statistics

1.1. About

Company-statistics is a global minor mode built on top of the in-buffer completion system company-mode. The idea is to keep a log of a certain number of completions you choose, along with some context information, and use that to rank candidates the next time you have to choose — hopefully showing you likelier candidates at the top of the list.

1.2. Use It

Using the package is simple.

If you install it from the repository with Emacs' package manager, you only need to enable the mode, e.g., in your init.el file:

(add-hook 'after-init-hook 'company-statistics-mode)

Alternatively, make sure company-statistics.el is in your load-path, and add to your init.el file

(require 'company-statistics)

to load the package manually and turn on the mode.

See the (few but powerful) customizable options for details M-x customize-group company-statistics.

1.3. Design

Company-statistics is an add-on for company-mode, but is only loosely coupled to it (it works by adding a sorting function to company-transformers as well as a handler to company-completion-finished-hook). It is designed with some flexibility in mind as for the recorded context information and the way candidates are scored: the default pair of functions are only examples! The stats are automatically persistent between sessions.

1.4. Have Fun!