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Major mode for screenwriting in Fountain markup
fountain-mode-2.6.1.el, 2018-Oct-13, 189kB
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To install this package, run in Emacs:

M-x package-install RET fountain-mode RET

Full description

Fountain Mode

Fountain Mode is a complete screenwriting environment for GNU Emacs
using the Fountain markup format. For more information on the Fountain markup
format, visit <>.


- Support for Fountain 1.1 specification
- WYSIWYG auto-align elements (display only, does not modify file contents)
  specific to script format, e.g. screenplay, stageplay or user-defined format
- Traditional TAB writing style for auto-upcasing character names
  (see [Do What I Mean])
- Export to plain text, HTML, LaTeX, Final Draft (FDX), or Fountain
- Export to standalone document or snippet
- Optionally show approximate page count (current page of total pages) in
- Include external files with `{{ include: FILENAME }}`
- Integration with `outline` to fold/cycle visibility of sections and scenes
  (see [Outlining])
- Integration with `imenu` (sections, scene headings, notes)
- Intergration with `auto-insert` for title page metadata
- Add/remove automatic continuation string to successively speaking characters
- Navigation by section, scene, character name, or page
- Optionally display scene numbers in the right margin
- Intelligent insertion of a page breaks
- 3 levels of element syntax highlighting
- Automatic loading for `*.fountain` files
- Include or omit a title page
- Emphasis (bold, italic, underlined text)
- Toggle visibility of emphasis delimiters and syntax characters
- Everything is customizable

Check out the Nicholl Fellowship sample script exported from Fountain Mode to:

- [Plain text](
- [HTML](
- [LaTeX](
- [Final Draft](

Most common features are accessible from the menu. For a full list of functions
and key-bindings, type C-h m.

[Do What I Mean]:

For more, see the [Wiki](


- Emacs 24.5
- LaTeX packages for PDF export: `geometry` `fontspec` `titling` `fancyhdr`
  `marginnote` `ulem` `xstring` `oberdiek`


For users on OS X with no experience with Emacs, see the
[Absolute Beginner's Guide (macOS)][guide].

The latest stable release of Fountain Mode is available via

Alternately, download the [latest release], move the files into your
`load-path` and add the following line to your `.emacs` or `init.el` file:

    (require 'fountain-mode)

If you prefer the latest but perhaps unstable version, install via
[MELPA], or clone the repository into your `load-path` and require as

    git clone

Users of Debian ≥10 or Ubuntu ≥18.04 can install Fountain Mode with the following command:

    sudo apt install elpa-fountain-mode

[guide]:'s-Guide-(macOS) "Absolute Beginner's Guide (macOS)"
[melpa]: "MELPA"
[melpa-stable]: "MELPA-stable"
[latest release]: "Fountain Mode latest release"

Bugs and Feature Requests

Please raise an issue on [Issues](

- Emacs versions prior to 26 have a bug with `visual-line-mode` that produces erratic
  navigation behavior when displaying very long lines. More information here:


See [Roadmap](


See [Releases](


Ethereum address 0x209C60afd8aF6c61ac4Dbe340d81D4f789DF64D3
Bitcoin Cash address qp0n3z88mmq06xv9mvkwuur9289qhnyg2gl45tlhxf

Old versions

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