GNU ELPA - eldoc-eval


Enable eldoc support when minibuffer is in use.
eldoc-eval-0.2.tar, 2022-Jan-11, 20.0 KiB
Thierry Volpiatto <>
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To install this package, run in Emacs:

M-x package-install RET eldoc-eval RET

Full description

This package enables eldoc support when minibuffer is in use.

Eldoc info is shown by default in mode-line,
but you can have eldoc info somewhere else by setting
`eldoc-in-minibuffer-show-fn' to another function (e.g `tooltip-show').

By default with this package `M-:' will use `pp-eval-expression'
instead of `eval-expression'; you can change that by setting

It also provides a convenient macro to enable eldoc support
in your own functions using minibuffer or in your defadvices,
that is `with-eldoc-in-minibuffer'.

Users of own minibuffer frame will have to set
`eldoc-in-minibuffer-own-frame-p' to non-nil.

You can turn On/Off eldoc support in minibuffer any time
with `eldoc-in-minibuffer-mode'.

Old versions

eldoc-eval-0.1.el.lz2012-Nov-292.54 KiB